Audio Alchemy - A Deeper Dive

A long long time ago, on a volcano far away ... there were a series of life changing events called the Audio Alchemy Retreats. 

This was a collaborative project between myself and Andy Freeland aka Opulence, a DJ and…

Interview with Libra Rising

It seems like about a decade ago, but back in February/March 2020, I was doing some patch design work for Libra Rising Music.

If you're a producer and haven't yet checked them out, highly recommended! They make amazing patches…

The Philosopher's Tone

I am thrilled to announce that my new album is now available! 

Continuing with the exploration of alchemical themes in music, The Philosopher's Tone consists of 7 tracks corresponding with the 7 stages of transformation. 

For those who buy direct…

Kin Review by AKV Acoustics

When I started getting deep into music production, around the mid-late 90s, it was driven by an obsession to make music that pushes high fidelity sound systems to their limits. 

I didn't just want to make "good songs", I wanted…

How We Relate Online

Times they are a changin'

The recent stay-at-home orders have given us the opportunity to review our lives, what works and what doesn't, and implement the necessary changes.

Traditionally I have related with fans through social media networks, however this…

A Brief History of Me

I've always been super curious about everything, my brain is like a sponge, knowledge fuels my creative engines.  

At school my main interest was maths and physics, I was fascinated by numbers, equations and fundamental science. 

At home I was…

Introduction to Audio Alchemy

Audio Alchemy is a living synthesis of knowledge; an ongoing investigation into the correspondances between ancient natural science and modern music production.  

These fields of knowledge may not seem to be connected at first, but when we understand that alchemy…