Kin Review by AKV Acoustics

When I started getting deep into music production, around the mid-late 90s, it was driven by an obsession to make music that pushes high fidelity sound systems to their limits. 

I didn't just want to make "good songs", I wanted to blow minds with frequencies.

I wanted music that would richly reward those who have invested in quality sound systems, and those who come out for the big events. Music with interesting layers, levels and perspectives that are revealed on repeated listens. 

Stoked therefore I am, to learn that a high-end hi-fi company based in London - AKV Acoustics - has been using my music to test and demo their equipment. 

I have no affiliation to this company, I'm not getting paid or any free gear (booo), this is just a proud moment shared.

They wrote a glowing review of the Kin album for their website: 

"It is rare to come across an album in which every track has the ability to draw the listener in; each track has its own unique flavour, yet all gel together to create the wonderful and addictive album, Kin. Kin has been a longstanding personal favourite of mine, and here at AKV Acoustics, it is used in demo sessions frequently, and for good reason - read on for our detailed review of Kin."

Read the full review here

Thank you to Ajay @ AKV.

If I ever get down to London again, I'll pop in for a demo session :)  


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