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Hi 👋🏼😊

Thank you for considering a subscription, it is a really simple and effective way to support my work, and it lets you - the fan - step into a closer relationship with me, directly, independent of social media, and receive exclusive content and benefits. 

Let's break it down like this ... 

If you met me in a bar, club or festival, would you buy me a drink?  

What about once a month?  

Would you buy me one drink every month if you could join my community, have a window into my life and work, get discounts on downloads, exclusive treats from the studio and access to new music weeks before the public?  

Not to mention the warm fuzzy feeling from knowing you are directly contributing to art that you love. 

And what about if you wanted to learn from me? How many drinks would that be worth? 

Don't worry I'm not begging for drinks, I don't drink anymore, but you get the idea. 

What I am offering here is levels of access to my life and work.

If you only want to know about the music drop me your email and you'll be informed as soon as new music is available.

If you'd like to receive exclusive fan-only updates, videos, articles, audio treats, tune previews etc, then consider purchasing one of the first two subscription tiers. 

If you want to learn from me, I will be doing weekly music production live streams, as well as documenting knowledge in a private blog, accessible only to subscribers of the Producer tier.

As an extra bonus, producer subscribers will receive "mates rates" discount on mastering ! 

So the 3 subscription tiers are: 

1. Patron. £1 a month. The easiest way to support my work and access exclusive content

2. Super Fan. £3 a month. Access new music weeks before the public and get 20% off all downloads 

3. Producer - £9 a month. Join weekly live streams, access production knowledge and get "mates rates" on mastering* 

*Mates rates is a perk that will give you 20% off mastering per tune per month of membership. That's a saving of £9 per track, per month. So for example if you've been a member for 12 months, you'd save £108 on mastering for a 12 track album** 

**In other words, for every £9 you spend, you get £9 back in mastering value, plus the rest!***

***I reserve the right to refuse to master your music if it is not finished to a professional quality. I can't polish poo****

****If at any time I feel unable to continue in my duties as a music producer, I will be sure to inform people so they can re-evaluate their subscription, but know that I intend to be doing this for the rest of my life :)