Mixing and mastering

I see music production as a form of Alchemy; a transformation of sonic elements from an initial raw state into a purified and perfected audio elixir.

Mixing and mastering are the final stages of refinement. The aim is to balance the frequency spectrum to fit snugly into the human ear and maximise the strength of the waveform while preserving the essential dynamics of the music 

When done correctly, the music will sound full and smooth on every speaker system from a phone to a stadium-size rig, and it can be turned up loud without any harshness

I have been doing mixing and mastering on request for many years, but I am now pleased to offer it as a service, officially. 

Building my own studio and getting it dialled in has given me absolute confidence in audio production, I now master all my own music, and I'm pleased to offer this as a service to the producer community

quality is assured

I have more than 30 years experience working with digital audio. My studio is a log cabin 5x3m, built for purpose, with integrated acoustic insulation.

ADAM Audio monitors with ribbon tweeters extending up to 25kHz combined with 10 inch sub woofer for super accurate bass down to 20Hz

A huge library of software, all the usual suspects plus  the entire UAD plugins collection, as well as sophisticated analysis and referencing tools. 

Of course it's not the count of our plugins or the cost of our hardware that matters, let your ears be the judge, let the fruits of my studio testify to the quality of my work

Mastering starts at £45 per track

Mixing starts at £180

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