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Interview with Mister Mime World

"Sonic Alchemist Steve Young aka Hedflux is an artist who combines quantum physical and spiritual knowledge with ancient wisdom in a way that has projected him in a unique trajectory as an artist. Equally in tune with the fast paced…

Interview with Libra Rising

It seems like about a decade ago, but back in February/March 2020, I was doing some patch design work for Libra Rising Music.

If you're a producer and haven't yet checked them out, highly recommended! They make amazing patches…

Kin Review by AKV Acoustics

When I started getting deep into music production, around the mid-late 90s, it was driven by an obsession to make music that pushes high fidelity sound systems to their limits. 

I didn't just want to make "good songs", I wanted…

How We Relate Online

Times they are a changin'

The recent stay-at-home orders have given us the opportunity to review our lives, what works and what doesn't, and implement the necessary changes.

Traditionally I have related with fans through social media networks, however this…

A Brief History of Me

I've always been super curious about everything, my brain is like a sponge, knowledge fuels my creative engines.  

At school my main interest was maths and physics, I was fascinated by numbers, equations and fundamental science. 

At home I was…