Interview with Libra Rising

It seems like about a decade ago, but back in February/March 2020, I was doing some patch design work for Libra Rising Music.

If you're a producer and haven't yet checked them out, highly recommended! They make amazing patches for all your favourite plugins. 

The main man J. Scott G sent me a set of brilliant interview questions, must have been a week before the plandemic was started, and so I ended up completely forgetting about them, totally shocked and distracted I was by the creeping communist takeover of the world, and people's unquestioning compliance to pseudo-science.   

Anyway ... about a month ago I suddenly remembered those questions sitting in my email unanswered, so I got them out and starting typing away ... 

Here's the first few questions and answers to get you going: 

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself, what you’ve been up to for the last decade, and how it all started for you? 

10 years ago, I quit my job in a failing IT company to do music production and DJing full time. My wife also quit her job to be a full-time mother and homemaker, so it was a big transformation for us, a lot of adjusting to do, but it’s been great, and well worth it! 

Hedflux started as a DJ project in 2003 and with brute force and determination I managed to start making tunes good enough to play in my sets. First record went out in 2007, I went full time in 2010, and in 2015 I got my 3 year visa for USA, moved out to Hawaii after spending 6 months in Central America doing the shamanic thing, deprogramming my mind and learning about plant medicines. 

My whole time in the west was amazing, a dream come true really, and it all culminated with an intense coming-of-age experience, shortly after my 40th birthday, the volcano erupted, and we lived through it for 6 weeks before we finally left the Island for our home country of Scotland. 

Since summer of 2018 we’ve been back here, building a more stable and permanent life near our families. Middle-age is well and truly underway, and I think I like it! 

2. The mastery of music seems to have a lot of similar parallels to the mastery of one’s own life (balance, intensity, timing, etc). Has the mastery of your craft run parallel to the mastery of your personal life, and if so, in what ways? 

If you want your music to keep improving, then you have to be constantly working on your own improvement, letting go of old programs, seeking to out-do your old self. 

Our creations are a reflection, so if everytime we sit down to make music and something shit comes out, it’s a reflection of us, of our shitness, it’s showing us the work we need to do in our lives. And when we have taken care of the important stuff, the creativity really flows. 

I think it’s like we have to earn creativity credits by doing essential chores, self-healing, service to others etc 

3. Music is deeply ingrained in every culture around the world in one way or another.  How important do you think music is to the future of human beings, and in what ways have you seen music transform people/culture for the better? 

Reality IS music. 

I think many people haven’t quite grasped this yet, as they are still locked into the paradigm of materialism (or “scientism”), the idea that the world is made of little hard balls floating around in space. 

But it’s not. There is no solid matter, it’s an illusion, there is only vibration, movement itself. Quantum physicists have known this for over 100 years, alchemists and spiritual masters for much longer. Things that appear fixed, solid and permanent are actually just sustained vibrations interpreted by the brain. 

When you really get to the bottom of it, vibratory expressions in the air such as words, sounds, prayers, music etc, are more real than “reality” itself, which is, as McKenna called it “a culturally sanctioned and linguistically reinforced hallucination”. 

So yeah, I believe the sounds we humans make with our mouths and instruments and speaker systems are of the highest importance for the future of the world.

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