Interview with Mister Mime World

"Sonic Alchemist Steve Young aka Hedflux is an artist who combines quantum physical and spiritual knowledge with ancient wisdom in a way that has projected him in a unique trajectory as an artist. Equally in tune with the fast paced modalities of modern life as well as the gentle pulse of mother nature, he can command his listeners and audience with the same ease and depth, be it from at home in the studio or out at a festival, to make sure they groove responsibly. The Philosopher’s Tone is an absolutely quintessential piece of electronica from one of the finest producers out there right now."

Thank you to Sanjay for those kind words, and putting together this interview, and lots of other great interviews on his new blog Mister Mime World, go check it out

This interview was also published on - always an invaluable resource for seekers of psychedelic chill out music

Props all the good people who keep the music culture alive for the love of the music <3 

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